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Advantages of Crawl Space Encapsulation in Lebanon, MO; Why it’s Worth it to Install a Plastic Vapor Barrier & More

If you have a home that has a crawl space, it is important that you are aware of the moisture content inside that area. The air that is found in your crawl space can have a big impact on the air in your home. When it comes to solving issues in your crawl space, you want to make sure you hire a company that knows what they are doing. To take control of the moisture in your crawl space, many homeowners turn to crawlspace encapsulation for the solution. Tite-Seal Waterproofing is here to talk about why you may want to consider crawl space encapsulation.

Why Would You Encapsulate Your Crawl Space?

One of the worst things that can happen to your home is damage due to moisture. It doesn’t always happen with a raging flood in your home. Sometimes, the moisture buildup is something that is gradual and not easily detected. This means that you aren’t going to see stains on the walls and the ceilings. It may pop up and make itself known with some strange smells or damp surfaces. Nearly half of the indoor air you’re breathing in your home comes from the air in the crawlspace. So, it can have a big impact on your health. If you have a damp crawlspace, here are some of the signs that may start to pop up around your home.
– Cupping hardwood floors
– Sweating HVAC ductwork
– Excessive humidity in your home
– Visible mold on the wood in the crawlspace

Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Keep Moisture & Water Out?

There are a few ways that you can fix moisture issues in a crawl space. Some people decide to have a dehumidifier installed in their home. Others will have a sump pump installed and perimeter drains. By far, the best way to truly solve the problem is crawl space encapsulation. It combines all of these methods and then finishes by sealing the crawl space on top. This will work by sealing the space so that moisture can’t come in as well as seals the inside. After the sealing is complete, the sump pump and the dehumidifier can be installed to finish it off.

What are the Benefits of Encapsulating Your House Crawl Space?

There are several ways that your home can benefit from a crawl space encapsulation. Here are some of the reasons people decide to move forward with encapsulation.
– Complete elimination of mold, mildew & fungal growth
– Keeps the structural integrity of your home sound
– More efficient air conditioning
– Protected hardwood flooring
– Cleaner indoor air quality
– Reduced dust in the house

Crawl Space Repair, Remediation, & Encapsulation & More in Lebanon, Branson, Republic, Aurora, Bolivar & Greater Springfield, MO

If you are concerned about the moisture content in your crawlspace, you can turn to Tite-Seal Waterproofing. Our waterproofing specialists are here to help you solve the issue once and for all with our crawl space repair, remediation and encapsulation services. It is our goal to make your home a safe place for your family. Call us today!

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